Saturday Mornings

In my professional writing class, I am a writing consultant for a non-profit organization: The Full Belly Project.  The past couple of Saturday mornings, my group and I have been going downtown to the headquarters and doing some work for them.  We are writing an assembly guide for what they call the “Peanut Thresher.”  It is used in the peanut fields to remove the peanut shells from the plant.  This works well, and contributes to the mission of Full Belly: creating equipment for efficient farming in Africa in order to spur economic growth.

Going down there in the mornings brings some excitement to my life.  The people who run the organization are hilarious, and kind of insane.  They have all kinds of really innovative and experimental projects going on right now.  They are “rethinking the windmill,”  creating a side-stepping water pump, and figuring out a way to create a pumping motion for a water well using a couple of pieces of poster board.  Attend to the Saturday morning volunteer work, and you’ll see people standing in the back of a truck going down 11th street, waving poster boards in the wind all while screaming and yelling in satisfaction.

Along with that writing project, and all of the other group projects in my courses, I have been trying to find an internship to fill the time gap before my trip to Japan.  I will go to Japan sometime around the beginning of April, so I have nothing to do from January until then.  One day I thought “an internship would be perfect!”  I have sent my resume to all corners of the world, but seem to have only two real possibilities.  The least possible of the two would be to work with Apple in Zurich, Switzerland.  I would be doing marketing and such with college students of Europe as my target.  A friend of mine works for Apple and has referred me.  He explained that they take well to referrals, so that is a good sign.  The other “lead” is with another friend’s mother.  She has been wonderful in assisting me with finding an internship.  The other day, she took someone out to dinner to discuss my situation, and I hope all of her efforts pay off.

Because this is my first post in any blog, ever, I think I owe any readers and/or myself and explanation of “why?”  The main reason is to condition myself and become used to writing in this style.  My trip to Japan is extremely important to me and I never want to forget it.  Therefore, I will be keeping an extensive blog (also on this site) to document my every move for family, friends, and myself to reference.  I do not want it to be painful or unnatural, so this acts as a way to get into the habit of writing every couple of days.  Some of the posts will probably be irrelevant and pointless, but hey, practice makes perfect.  The other reason is that I enjoy writing, and this is another style I can add to my “tool-belt of writing.”


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