Life On Standby

I still have not heard back from my prospective Japanese university about whether or not I will be going over there in April.  The office of international programs here at UNCW told me that the delay has been caused by two factors.  Two girls and I are the first to apply to study at Mie University, so the process is new, and is taking longer than originally planned.  The other factor holding the Japanese back is the fact that we will not begin our coursework in Japan until April.  They are essentially in no hurry.  Because of this, my entire life seems to be on standby.

I have no idea what I will be doing in January, and that is a terrible feeling.  I have to plan for both outcomes of the Japan dilemma.  For the optimistic scenario, I am avidly searching for an internship to fill the time void from January until departure (Anyone need an intern?).  If things do not turn out how I wish them to, I have registered for classes, and life will go on as if I never applied to go to Japan.  This trip to Japan is a vital part of my education.  I must be proficient in Japanese if I plan to keep my same major.  I will, to simply put it, be devastated if I do not have the opportunity to go to Japan, and this delay is doing a number on me.


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