A Perfect Day To Close The Semester

Today around 4:30 P.M., Zach and I were in the middle of a jam session.  He was on the guitar and I on the harmonica.  Tyler, the kid who will move into my room if I go to Japan came over and we began a conversation on that sensitive subject.  With little or no hope, I decided to check my email, and there it was.  I finally received the email I have been waiting for since the end of October!  At the end of March, I will fly to Japan for my semester at Mie University.  The choice of words by the Japanese is interesting.  Here it is:

 1. About acceptance letter. 


 We have already decided the professors who is in charge of their academic advisor.

 We will accept four students of your university.

 However, we can’t publish the acceptance letter by the middle of January due to the schedule of faculty meeting.

 Please understand it.


2.  Scholarship


About a JASSO scholarship, we need more time to decide who will receive it.


 Finally, I would like to start preparing the CoE application which is necessary for getting Visa.

 Please ask four students to fill out the attached file and send it to me.

 Its OK to send me by Fax or PDF file.

 Besides, please let me know how those students prepare the money to live in Japan.

 As you know,  necessary documents for application is different depending on how they prepare the money.


On top of that, today was the last day of classes.  The semester is really drawing to a close.  With only three finals next week, and my future in tact, I finally feel comfortable with my current situation.  The 13th is move-out-day and then I head to Washington D.C. to continue my quest for an internship.  The 20th, my mother will come and take my stuff home just in time for Christmas.

Today was a great day.  To finish, I think I am going to let loose and do something wild.  I deserve it right now.


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