Getting Used To My New Lifestyle

Now that I’ve finished up at UNCW with a strong semester, enjoyed time with my family for the holidays, and began working for Target once again, I’m ready to live out my new lifestyle.  After a valiant attempt to find an internship, the search concluded with a whim of hope.  I had one good chance at one in D.C., but it fell through.  It is tough finding an internship when the usual position is in the summer.  I have become a victim of bad timing with the economy and the time of year.  So, I will most likely be living with my parents, and working full-time at Target while awaiting my departure for the far east.  It is a stark contrast to what I was doing earlier in the year.  I am going to take a break from being a student, and will work to save money for Japan.  In September when I decided to fill my break with an internship, I decided that living at home and working at Target was my last resort.  It is difficult accepting the fact that I am at my last resort, but I have began to come to terms with it.  I have applied to the Apple store in Columbus, OH as my last attempt to get out of here, so we will see where that goes.


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