Carolina Blue Brings Good Times

It all began with a great day at work outside in the great weather pushing carts. I usually do not like being cart attendant, but I was abnormally excited about being outside. After work, I made quick plans to eat dinner with an old friend from High School. I hadn’t seen her in about three years, and it was great to see her. We had Japanese food, appropriately, and chatted for a while, then I was off to Chapel Hill.
Nick, Rimer, and I had a good time the first night. We headed to a bar called “He’s Not Here.” Interesting name, so here is the story. This place was Michael Jordan’s favorite spot when he was a student-athlete at Carolina. Everyone would call and ask if he was there before they went out, and after a while the usual response became “he’s not here.” Instead of responding to hundreds of daily inquiries, they just named the place “He’s Not Here.” Well, we were there…and slightly inebriated. Let’s just mention that I used the women’s restroom accidentally. On our walk back, we managed to cause some disruption.
The next day, we woke, went to Subway, played some basketball, and then met up with some of Nick’s cousins visiting from PA. We sat around at a sports bar conversing about life. His cousins are great and we had a lot of fun.
The next day was the big game. The greatest rivalry in college basketball. UNC vs. Duke. Nick has a few friends’ IDs so that Rimer and I could pose as students and have a strong possibility of being a few of the screaming fans in the Dean Dome. We waited outside in the heat playing chess on my iPod (thank you Apple!) for a long while, and then are hopes were shot down by an annoying man in a suit. We managed to watch the televised version of the game and partake in the post-victory celebrations in the heart of Chapel Hill. A picture is worth a thousand words:
The weekend drew to a close and I headed back to Mount Pleasant shortly after.
Nick invited me to visit Penn State in a few weeks, and because I have nothing better to do, I am going. Roadtrip! After agreeing to go Nick pointed out that I’ve got my fair share of traveling to do before I even leave for Japan. I went to google maps and calculated the distance I will travel from 15 March to 28 March: roughly 2,300 miles! That would be like a one-way trip to Vegas, just a little less risky. Four more days of Targeteering and the journey begins. Time is going to disappear quickly.

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