Cooking With Bob

So, a few weeks ago, one of the Chinese guys in the dorm noticed that us Americans were struggling to cook since the ingredients are almost completely unfamiliar to us. Bob, one of the cool Chinese guys that speaks english, (all Chinese give themselves an English name for some reason, and they are sometimes quite funny) offered to help me out. I had a package of beef cutlets and I was just going to brown it up in the pan and throw it on some rice. He showed me some good spices and vegetables that I could add to the meat and make a Chinese style stir fry. He let me have some of his vegetables, and I was a little hesitant at first because I had never seen these things. I still don’t know what we call them in English…I just know the Japanese terms, but they were delicious. Since then, I’ve been weening off of the frozen foods, instant noodles, and pre-made foods and experimenting with various combinations of meat and veggies to throw on the rice. I’ve also recently been making some pastas and more familiar foods now that I’ve found them at the super market.


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