I’m Back!

I do not think I can describe the changes that have occurred since the last post, but I can only try. My lifestyle has been changing almost daily, I’m learning much about Japanese culture, and the way to have/make friends. I have been way too busy to make a post, like always, but because I just finished up my midterm I can write some. The bigger more notable events that have occurred since the last post have been the field trips. We went to a Shinto Shrine, Buddhist Temple, and an old town with a significant history. Instead of telling you about the history I learned, I will solely write an account of the little stories that have made my Japanese life so adverse. So the format of my blog will be changing a little…just a bunch of short stories! But first, I must mention Twitter. I was a long time hater of the site, until I realized it’s true purpose, so now I’ve created an account. It will accent this blog well, as you can read short updates that I post from my phone or computer almost daily. Click “Twitter” at the top or just read the updates to the left. Follow me if you have an account!


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  1. Bethany Morgan · · Reply

    Okay, gotta tell you that I think I am pretty up to date on your life now. I am totally super jealous and wish I was there.

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