It This Really A….Class….?

Last Wednesday was a crazy day. Not only was I interviewed, I went to some event that I still don’t understand what it was, and I don’t think I ever will. After my classes, I went to the room where all of the English Education students chill. They were all tired, so they forced me to speak Japanese for a while, which was good practice. After a while, they all had to go to a class, and they invited me along. This was such a strange request, that I asked them to say it in English to make sure I understood what was going on. Sure enough they wanted Rob and I to go with them. So we went and it was really fun. When we first walked in, everyone obviously noticed that we didn’t usually go to that class and everyone was looking at us. When the class started, a lady stood at the front of the class and started describing some rules…I understood somewhat, but I had no idea why she was talking about rules. After about 20 minutes, everyone got up and started rearranging the desks in a fashion that it looks like little stations all over the room, and then people began hanging posters, flyers, and placing strange items on the desks. People had everything from guitars to kids toys, to calligraphy equipment. Eventually this turned into somewhat of a circus or carnival. At it’s peak moment, this event had a room full of people basically playing around. At one point, there was a talented old man who was playing with a strange kids toy four at a time between his hands and feet. Another man was playing the guitar, and people were singing along. In another place, there were a bunch of people painting Kanji on small canvases. I have no idea what this was, but it was fun. We joined in, as some really cute girls showed us how to use the kids toys, and we spoke with some people who were curious as to why we were in Japan. Think of this event as you will. Your guess as to what was going on is as good as mine.


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