My Japanese Haircut

I needed a haircut bad, and I don’t think I could have waited until my return to America, so I headed to the barber shop a few weeks ago. It is right next to campus, and its a nice place where one man runs his own shop. Rob, the other American guy here with me had been there and said it was good, so I trusted his opinion to an extent. He only received a buzz cut, and I was wanting just a trim. Seeing that every Japanese person has straight, thick hair and I’ve got thin, curly hair, I was stricken with a little fear. Fear that either the person would not want to cut my hair, or I would look ridiculous. Well, neither happened, but I didn’t get what I wanted. I took a picture of myself and explained that I wanted it to look like it was in the picture. I then proceeded to try to explain that my hair looked shorter that it really was. I don’t think he understood, because I got a pretty short cut, but it looks good. I couldn’t really explain it to him mid cut either because he just started hacking away. It was interesting because I just sat there carrying on a conversation full of small talk. I managed to make him think I’d been in Japan for years because I was speaking with him. But there was one funny incident where I made and interpreting mistake. He asked what my favorite thing about Japan was and I exclaimed, “Udon” which is a food. I thought he had asked about my favorite Japanese food. I realized my mistake when I saw how baffled he was.


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