Newspaper Interview…And It Made The Paper!

Last Wednesday I was hanging out in the International building with my tutors and we were just talking about our weekends or something, and a lady dressed in a nice business suit approached us. It was Rob and his two tutors, and my two tutors and I. The lady kindly asked if she could get a short interview with someone. Immediately everyone pointed to me for some reason, so I decided to do it. I had no idea what it was about, or what kind of publication it was for, but I had nothing to lose. Turns out that they just wanted a few of my thoughts about the rainy season here in Japan, which is the month of June. She thought it would be interesting to ask someone who had never been in Japan during the rainy season, plus Japanese people like to hear from foreign people. It was fun, but I probably sounded like a two year old with my low level of Japanese. She took a few pictures of me to put in the paper too. I made one funny face of the 6 or 7 that she took just for fun, and that is the one they decided to put in the paper. I still haven’t read what was in the paper, I’ve just seen a picture of my picture in the paper. They way I found out about it is really interesting as well. A French international student received a message from someone that she didn’t really know. This message contained the a picture of my face in the paper. She then forwarded it to me and said she had no idea why this picture was sent to her. Strange stuff, but now I am searching for the paper. My teacher said she has some friends that get the paper and she can acquire a copy for me.


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