Last weekend I went to Nagoya, which is about 1 hour by train from where I’m at. I needed some new clothes for the warmer weather, and I was thirsty for an adventure so Jessika and I decided to just head up there on a Saturday. We had to wake up early to catch the train that left around 9. We arrived in Nagoya around 10 and immediately we got an idea of how big the city is. The station was completely crowded and had many different corridors for catching the subway, calling for a taxi, or just going out to the street. Having no idea what we were going to do or how we were going to do it, we headed out to the street. As soon as we saw the light of the day, there were hundreds of giant skyscrapers towering above our heads. I’ve never been to NYC, but I imagine it looks similar. The human traffic is really what made Nagoya such a crazy place. I thought there was some big event to the immediate left of the station because of the huge crowds of people walking down the street, but it is typical there. We just began to walk with the crowds of people, because there was no chance in walking the other direction on the street. After a few minutes, we came across a place that looked like a shopping place, and we decided to head there. We found a nice subway map of the city and found a few places that would be fun to visit. We saw that there was a zoo, and because the weather was nice, and we had a day to do whatever, we decided to go. But first, we explored the area around the station, just wandering around finding a fish market, a five story building of Pachinko machines, and an erotic massage place. There were also lots of bars and clubs in the area, so at some point I think we might head back up there for a night.

Now that we’d seen some of the area, we went back to the station to catch the subway that would take us to the zoo. I was slightly nervous about using the subway, but we figured it out with no problems and managed to make it to the zoo. I’m not going to waste my time describing the zoo, because everyone knows what happens there. The animals can’t speak Japanese, so the zoo was basically the same as an American one. But there was a nice 330 foot tower that we went up and we could overlook the city of Nagoya and get an idea of it’s size. As we were walking around the zoo, it seemed as if almost everybody was eating McDonald’s. It subconsciously had us craving it so we went when we left the park. At Micky D’s, I was able to tap into some WiFi and get directions on how to get to the place to get new clothes. We managed to make it there, I bought clothes, and then we headed back to the station to meet up with a good friend. We sat around and talked for a while, then headed back home. Unfortunately, I did take my camera, so next time I head to Nagoya I will be sure to take pictures so everyone can see.


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  1. Devin · · Reply

    Do they wear boxers in Japan, or did you have to buy whitey tighties?

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