A Speech…In Japanese

So last week all of us had to prepare a rough draft of a speech that we are to give in the middle of September.  We had to have to give a small self introduction and explain why we were in Japan.  Why am I in Japan?  I can answer this at a basic level – to study Japanese – but if you throw a few more whys my way, I will have no answer.  This really got me thinking about some things.  Not in a “why did I come here?” kind of way, but more of a “why do I think this will help me?” kind of way.  And then, I asked myself, “how will this help me reach my dream?”, and at last, “what is my dream?”  You could say I asked myself too many questions, but I didn’t say them out loud so no worries.

So I  came up with the fact that I’m learning Japanese because I want to, and then hoping that it will help me in the future.  There is nothing wrong with that…after all, it’s good to do things you want to do.  I just want to end up with a job that I enjoy doing.  You can learn from many different countries and cultures, and that is what I want to continue doing.

I think our dependency on technology will only increase in the future (good or bad?).  We need to find a more efficient way to travel.  We need to change our way of living to better suit the Earth.  These issues are important to everyone, and are considered problems.  I want to be a part of the solution.  I don’t want to follow in anyones footsteps, because there are no footsteps where we haven’t been.  As many of my friends know that I think about these things a lot, and I’m constantly monitoring these things.  I think that someday because I’ve followed my passions and worked hard, I’ll be able to make a difference doing something I enjoy.  That is my ultimate goal.

Besides my introduction, that is my speech that I will be giving about my goals and why I study Japanese.  I just wanted to “tell” someone else because I wanted to say it in English, and because I always like to say what is on my mind.


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