Too Much For Words

The past few months on my blog have reflected nothing but the complete opposite impression of my life. I think it’s safe to say that those days gone unwritten have been the most exciting and influential days that I’ve experienced yet.  So many events and changes that I had no time to write, or even try to take a step back and try to see how much I had changed.  As the title of this post describes, it was just too much for words.

Let me just give you the highlight in one sentence:  I found the most amazing partner anyone could ask for, my mother came to see me and I showed her my life abroad in Japan, took an amazing trip to Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore to expand my knowledge of asian culture and I spent my last months in Japan getting close with my girlfriend and mastering the language.

As of now, my study abroad time has passed, leaving me as a changed person coming back to America, to a life of what seems to be someone else’s. I’ve got all emotions running through me as I move on to a new chapter in my life. Life seems more colorful; I have created some clearer goals and a new attitude to finish school. With this new lifestyle, I change my blog title and come back with a new theme: My Life. I’ve got some interesting perspectives, goals and experiences that I will share for anyone who wants to read.

Thanks to anyone who actually reads this pointless nonsense. I’ll make an effort to make this entertaining!


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