Google Voice: A phone number that follows you…anywhere!

Not knowing where in the world I will be after I graduate in May has it’s emotions.  It’s truly a learning process trying to find a job…somewhere.  I may be back in Japan, I may be in the states.  I’m not sure what will happen to me, but this uncertainty has deterred me from signing up for a 2-year contract with a major cell phone company, leaving me to move to creative means for my phoning.  I have come to rely heavily on google voice.  It has it’s inconveniences, but it’s great to be contract free with absolutely free calls!

Google voice is one of the most brilliant tools, and it’s available to any American. Google has braced themselves for the changes in technology trends to come with it’s complete voice service.

Technology as we have seen develop in the past (and near past) consists of multiple devices all with different functions.  TV, Phone, Computer, E-Reader.  They all have different inputs and outputs, but in the end, they all involve streaming data one way or the other as they are communication devices.  We can see now with smart phones and iPads that they are all becoming one device (one way or another) so why can’t they all work with the same kind of data? In truth, mobile phones are using the same data as our computers and digital TV. It’s all zeros and ones in the end.  Soon, there will be a distinction of data companies and service companies.  Cell phone companies that control contracts, phone selections, and charge pricey premiums for phone calls will no longer exist.  They must become strictly data providers or they will go under as a result of their services being left in the dust.  The invisible hand of the free market would provide better services and cheaper data in the future.  This is where google voice comes into play.  With a data connection, you’ve got your phone with you; no contract and free calling no matter where in the world you are.  The service is only available to Americans, but I believe they will have other countries on board soon, with free voice calls to anyone in the world.  As long as this service can be used on mobile devices, this is going to be the way we connect with voice in the future. No matter where I am, my contacts can reach me with my phone number.  I went to Japan recently and it proved to be brilliant.  I suggest that everyone at least get a google voice number because it’s free! It’s going to be the future of the way we connect through voice and break down international calling boundaries in no time.  Let me know what you think.


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