Life without a car begins

Or as I like to see it: life without the limitations of car dependency. Either way you put it, my main mode of transportation will no longer be a car. The worn out Ford Escort will be sold and out of my hands in a few days because the repairs totaled to be more than the worth of the car.  This will be a big change for me, as it would be for any American. Although I have yet to use the bus to commute to my internship, I had my first true “carless” experience since leaving Japan.

I needed some groceries so I headed to the grocery store on my bike after class today.  After just a few minutes I arrived and looked for a bike rack.  There was one bike rack with room for only about 10 bikes which reflects the rarity of grocery shopping by bike.  After shopping, I loaded up my backpack and headed back.

I’ve been disappointed and ill-willed about this new carless lifestyle, but today was nice.  The weather outside was great and I found it to be refreshing to get some exercise while accomplishing something.  It also really brought back some memories of my time in Japan.  As long as the bus works in a timely manner so that I can be on time for my internship, I think these couple of months without a car might be fun.  Everyone else should try not to use their cars for everything…it’s a good feeling!


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