Saver: Mobile Money Tracking

What is one thing that you are most likely to have with you when you are buying something? Of course, you will have your wallet, but I’m talking about your phone. After a few months I would like to share with you what may be the most valuable information stored on my iPhone. Saver is a wonderful app for keeping track of your spending in any currency. It’s sleek design allows for quick input with the option of tags, which allows for easy reference to any specific kind of spending. It also gives you great visual breakdowns of your spending based on year, month, or week. Here are two screen shots of my information. One is my total expenditures this year and the other is my transactions today.

I mostly reference this app to make sure I’m not eating out too much or if I can afford a weekend trip to Osaka. In the beginning of my time here in Japan, I used this app to create a budget that was reasonable, yet allowed me to build savings and put away some money for school loans.  It also provides a general level of relief.  With everything becoming digital, this is my digital version of a check book.

On a quick note, this app is useful to someone who uses mostly cash.  In the US, apps such as Pageonce and provide all of your transactions and categorizes them automatically. So it may be safe to say that I find this app beneficial only as a yen spender.


This app has two faults in my opinion.

1. No recurring transactions.  Everybody has a number of recurring transactions in life.  Daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly recurring transactions would make this app even easier to use.

2. No data export. For someone who really wants to dig into the numbers and calculate ratios or sort data in different ways, data export to CSV or Excel would be excellent.  It would make keeping track of your transactions invaluable.

So take it for what it is. I like this app, and it’s my suggestion to any expats living abroad with their iPhone!


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  1. […] coming to Japan, I’d been using Saver because of its usability in a cash based society.  It allowed only for manual entry of expenses, […]

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