A Japanese company brings security droids a little closer to home

bsd1212261751006-p2Some interesting news in technology this week. Japanese security company Secom revealed a self-controlled, flying robot camera drone. The Japanese never fail to think of futuristic, progressive ways to use technology. Although this drone seems to have some potential, there will most likely not be heavy domestic demand.

The robot system comprises a small network of sensors, an onboard computer and a camera. The user designates area parameters and a base station. If something or someone enters the area after hours, the heli takes off from its charging station to film culprits from a safe distance. The computer can distinguish a person from a car, which then dictates the device to capture a license plate or a face shot.

The company plans to offer the robot as part of an online security system plan, mainly targeting the wealthy and business owners. The robot’s network can also alert officials. Secom plans to offer this security service at roughly $60 monthly in addition to equipment costs.

The chart below shows total crimes per capita. This really means nothing concerning safety, but it would show a rough demand for security for different nations. Of course there are many other factors such as mentalities of security and current security effectiveness. If you can assume this relative demand theory, the top 5 criminally active countries have a higher demand for security, but the question is whether they will pay for it. (The population data was collected from google; the figure for number of crimes committed was collected from a UN survey in June 2012.)

Crime per capita

This system could be configured to run on any online security system and there is potential abroad as well. The company plans to make the drone available in mid 2014.

Japanese companies often develop new products despite demand and this is often a result of companies being large, conglomerates with heavy R&D funding. It’s hard for me to understand how such a risk-averse nation could develop products with such low demand. Another example of this kind of development would be 3d TV technologies.

photo credit to sankeibiz.jp


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