ImageSo I’ve come across another great app that will end many’s search for a sensible mobile financing app.

Since coming to Japan, I’d been using Saver because of its usability in a cash based society.  It allowed only for manual entry of expenses, budgets and was a great way to track spending but lacked integration with my bank account.  Now, Japan is not the best place for “convenient banking” but it’s getting there.  Many major banks have come along with simple online logins to access balances, apply for loans and make bank transfers.  My bank, Mitsubishi UFJ even developed a native iOS app to provide mobile online services, but required a login each time and didn’t let you track where your money went after it left their overflowing vaults.

I guess the reason why there haven’t been any good apps thus far is because there hasn’t been a seamless way to organize an online bank balance and almost 100% cash spending.  Until now at least. I’m amazed at what this app does.  Meet Moneytree.

Here’s why I like it:

  1. Behind a single passcode, you’ve got a system for tracking balances from hundreds of big Japanese institutions AND a way to track your cash spending.  In the end you get a seamless page that shows expenses, whether they were spent in cash or through automatic deduction. Manually entered transactions are deducted from the most recent ATM withdrawal.Image
  2. It provides alerts for salary deposits and big deductions, determined by users’ settings.
  3. It updates real time.  I’ve noticed changes in the app three minutes after an ATM withdrawal.
  4. There is a plethora of expense categories, perfect for Japan.  “Convenience Store,” “Izakaya and Bars,” and for those with a Japanese wife, “Allowance.” This app is completely Japanese.Image
  5. Yet its available in English.  You might need to jump through some loops to get your online banking setup, and you’ll surely need Japanese, but you can do it all in our native tongue.

So if you want to give it a try, here is a download link. vTSuDmXCl–u5vdemZuQIfE7og6fuV2oOMeOQdRqrE2Zz1efPDCLYa5Y6Ab3O4sgLnKAgFM0NVQ6ASR69DiM2ghxkSCSud8cxUyX3My4S2peV6tcvb8HgPDe6PoNj5KWEGGIL50cVX3CdVKOeXUUIb5JF_VvpzwfHI3wBEYfX6k

Let me know if you have questions or comments!


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