3 minute app design crunch: Waaaaay!

So if you’ve ever been to Japan, especially Tokyo, you know that things are right on top of each other. And even with a good detailed Google Map staring you in the face, it can be hard to find places. You find yourself saying things like “I’m right on top of it, but the restaurant isn’t here!!” etc.

The Japan-specific app Waaaaay! helps you find your…way. and its cleverly designed to address 3 navigation issues that you encounter even with good mobile maps. Let me lay out these issues and use them to explain the design.

1. Your face is always in your phone, not looking up, searching for your destination.
→The app includes a simple pointer (with some funky designs) and a meter to gauge your distance from your destination:


2. You spend too much time messing with the search function in your maps app instead of actually moving towards your destination.
→The app allows you to do a quick search of locations by type while also allowing you to move the map around the fixed pin in the middle of the map to just ballpark your destination and get walking!


3. You can’t play city-wide hide and seek with your friend (who might possibly be named Sam)
→The app allows you to also choose a meet-up mode which targets any friend who shares their location with you momentarily. Basically allows you to track moving objects (your friends) down:


Anyone who realizes this will instantly break into a wild game of hide-and-seek right? Or am I crazy? Either way check out this app and maybe we can goof around in Tokyo with it someday!

*as of now this app is only available in the Japanese App Store


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