Unavoidable Social Awkwardness

So I was on Facetime with my best friend Sam this weekend and we discovered a very new-age socially awkward situation. Let me explain.

I was facetiming with Sam who was at a party. Another friend of his, who was at the party, had someone on facetime as well. In some kind of experimental/drunk random act, Sam and the other party go-er turned their phones to face eachother. 

I was confronted by a nice young woman who was just on the other end of a facetime call like I was. She was also a fan of the greatest podcast of 2015: @abovepodcast, so we spoke a bit about why we liked it. We had a nice smile after our quick 2 minute conversation, then it came. 

There was an immediate awkward feeling that I felt for the first time. We enjoyed our conversation and were clearly done talking. But it wasnt a situation in which you would hang up because both of us were still mid conversation with our part-going Facetime couterparts. After a few secons of starting through layers of facetime, I felt I was back in partial control of my call when my best friend turned the phone back to his face.

I guess the moral of this story is: be careful when you face facetime with facetime!

Have you ever encountered an unavoidable social awkwardness? If so, let me know! I’ll be back soon with some weird cultural examples of how Japanese people use email.


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