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Unavoidable Social Awkwardness

So I was on Facetime with my best friend Sam this weekend and we discovered a very new-age socially awkward situation. Let me explain. I was facetiming with Sam who was at a party. Another friend of his, who was at the party, had someone on facetime as well. In some kind of experimental/drunk random […]

3 minute app design crunch: Waaaaay!

So if you’ve ever been to Japan, especially Tokyo, you know that things are right on top of each other. And even with a good detailed Google Map staring you in the face, it can be hard to find places. You find yourself saying things like “I’m right on top of it, but the restaurant […]

3 minute app design crunch: zozomarket

Zozomarket is a c2c platform for fashion goods. 1. Pictures on the landing page draw taps to items of user interests before a price is seen. 2. Lack of menu and emphasis on pictures asks the user to scroll and allow a very quick browse. 3. The only words on the page act as branding. […]

The iOS Notification Race

When the NCAA Men’s and Women’s National Championship games ended, I was at my desk at work and an idea came to me. We all have multiple news source apps on our phones and tablets and with big national news, multiple alerts. Of course the alert timing depends on when you last opened an app, […]


So I’ve come across another great app that will end many’s search for a sensible mobile financing app. Since coming to Japan, I’d been using Saver because of its usability in a cash based society.  It allowed only for manual entry of expenses, budgets and was a great way to track spending but lacked integration […]


あるチャットアプリがアメリカのアプリストアで人気を捕まえた。そのアプリでは撮影された映像を友達に送ることができる。しかし、見れる秒間決められるし、スクリーンショットしようとする友達がいれば知らせることもできるアプリです。画像保存できません。10秒が最高で指を画面から放したら写真が消えます。ということは気にせず心配せず写真コミュニケーションが安心にできるのです。使ってみれば楽しさが分かるはず!このアプリはSnapchatです。 私は友達とやってるけど人もっといればもっと楽しいのに! 内緒なものも色々な感情を伝える瞬間が、人間にとって必要なんですね。自分なりの使い方がある!是非お友達やカップル同士でインストールしてみてください!内緒なSNSを欲しがっている人には当たりですね。いやらしいことにも使われているはずけどだれでも楽しめると思いますよ!現在はアプリの内容は全部英語で書かれてあるが簡単な使い方で分かると思います。 電話番号で登録するが、ユーザー名でも友達登録が可能だと。 上のアイコンをクリックするとアプリストアでダウンロードができます (iPhoneのみ) ANDROIDの方はこちら。

Fukubukuro culture

There’s one tradition that reminds me of the way Christmas has been transformed into a commercial holiday. Japanese like to buy lucky bags, or fukubukuro, at the start of the year to freshen up their wardrobe or to accessorize a new cell phone. They are offered at really low prices at the expense of choice. […]