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Unavoidable Social Awkwardness

So I was on Facetime with my best friend Sam this weekend and we discovered a very new-age socially awkward situation. Let me explain. I was facetiming with Sam who was at a party. Another friend of his, who was at the party, had someone on facetime as well. In some kind of experimental/drunk random […]

3 minute app design crunch: Waaaaay!

So if you’ve ever been to Japan, especially Tokyo, you know that things are right on top of each other. And even with a good detailed Google Map staring you in the face, it can be hard to find places. You find yourself saying things like “I’m right on top of it, but the restaurant […]

iOS 6 beta in Japan

I’ve had a few weeks with iOS 6 beta here in Japan.  Most of the features work very well. A few changes even provide a smoother experience. BUT, there is one big aspect of the OS that has changed and may be a reason to refrain from updating. The Apple developed maps service is terrible […]

Saver: Mobile Money Tracking

What is one thing that you are most likely to have with you when you are buying something? Of course, you will have your wallet, but I’m talking about your phone. After a few months I would like to share with you what may be the most valuable information stored on my iPhone. Saver is […]

Movie life with the iPad

I just watched “The Adjustment Bureau” on an HD tv from my iPad with an HDMI cable. This thing is much more versatile than a computer when it comes to different forms of input and output and it handles heavy work surprisingly well. It rendered HD for a few hours without getting hot or freezing […]