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3 minute app design crunch: Waaaaay!

So if you’ve ever been to Japan, especially Tokyo, you know that things are right on top of each other. And even with a good detailed Google Map staring you in the face, it can be hard to find places. You find yourself saying things like “I’m right on top of it, but the restaurant […]

Life without a car begins

Or as I like to see it: life without the limitations of car dependency. Either way you put it, my main mode of transportation will no longer be a car. The worn out Ford Escort will be sold and out of my hands in a few days because the repairs totaled to be more than […]

Where To?

Traveling is like a drug; if you go to the right places and find the good stuff, you’ll keep going after more like an addict, going broke trying to satisfy your want. Although, I’ve found my ultimate place, Japan, my current stagnant-student status has left me with withdrawals, eventually leading to hours spent on google […]

Tokyo, Tokyo, Tokyo!

For a while, us Americans had been talking about how we needed to take a decent trip together and go somewhere far.  Somewhere our Japanese friends would not be able to show us around, and somewhere we could stay for a few days.  Of course we decided on Tokyo, it’s the equivalent to a Japanese […]

Nagoya, Takayama, Shirakawago

A while back when I was on the trip to Nara with all of the foreign students, a good friend of mine, Asami, sent me a message.  In this message she asked if I were free towards the end of August and then invited me to go on a trip with her and her family. […]

Summer Begins with a Trip to Nara

Last Friday was the day of our final exam.  After we took the test, the Sensei went straight to her office and graded the tests.  Afterwards we all met for lunch at a cozy Vietnamese lunch bar, and the scores were revealed post consumption so that we could manage during the lunch.  After a lot […]